Sponsor a dog / Give a donation.

A sponsor ensures that the dog that he chooses to sponsor is kept in a dignified manner, receives nutritional food aswell as medical attention and necessary vaccinations.

Cost of Sponsoring: From 6 Euros per month per animal.

How to choose a sponsor dog: Choose any one or more of the dogs that are up for adoption and are not as yet sponsored.

In return for your help: We will keep you posted on what your sponsor dog is up to and let you know if or when he has been adopted. We will send you photos and video clips and you will be able to visit him in the kennels whenever you please. 


We are grateful for anything you feel you can do for your sponsor dog: bring him little gifts or treats, comb and wash him, come and play with him. All our dogs crave tender love and care and since we only have a limited time in which to clean the kennels and feed our mutts, we oftentimes not able to give them the attention that they so need.

If you would like to be a sponsor to one of our dogs are require more information please email us at


To register you as a sponsor, we will need the following details:


Contact phone number:




Name of the Account holder:

Account number:




If you would like to help by giving a donation, you can do so by paying directly into our account. Leave your details so that we can thank you. If you make an anonymous donation we will not be able to thank you but very much respect your decision. Remember that the kennels are open to visitors. "Muchos pocos, hacen un mucho". (Many little things make one big one). Many thanks.

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